Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Watching Spongebob as I type this. I love this cartoon.
Squidward: "Welcome to the Krusty Krab, where it's almost as if the evolutionary clock ticks backwards". LOLOLOL Did I say I love this show?

Reading K Rock's post reminded me of the first time I got my snatch snatched. Hilarious. I will have to blog that one day.

I was suppose to be heading to Punta Cana for my 35th birthday next month. I was only $400 away from paying off my portion when everyone started pulling out. I'm not mad...just disappointed I know better next time but whatever. First girl pulled out in March because she had $1500 in car repairs and plus she moved to Dallas for a new job so she spent money a lot of money on moving expenses. Another girl pulled out because she's getting married in September and over estimated her budget. More shit happen so I just said forget about it. I really didn't want to go alone. But not all is lost. I do have other plans that I'm super excited about. I won't be laying on the beautiful beaches of the Dominic Republic but I'm excited about my Plan B plans.

I have a dermatologist appointment in a couple of weeks. This man specializes in a condition I have and he's done intensive research on it. I sure hope he will be able to provide me with options that work.

Had an interview last week. I felt good about it after it was over. Haven't heard anything back yet but I know how the hiring process is for state jobs. It's a slow as molasses.

Still working on my 35 Before 35 List. I'll be able to mark something else off my list a week before my birthday. I'm doing my first personal photo shoot. I'm going to contact the make-up artist who did our makeup for a wedding a couple of months ago. She did an excellent job on my make-up. Had me looking like a living doll. 

I've already given the photographer a few poses I want to try including the one below. So if you happen to come across a slimiar dress with a high split, let me know. We are doing some shots outside and in his studio. Now I need to decide if I want straight or curly hair. 

I also like this pose


YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...
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TheBlogArtistFormerlyKnownAsYBandDL said...

First can't relate to the whole sponge bob thing, sorry, but I can so relate to Phineas and Ferb, I actually do watch that one. On a regular too, smart writing on that one as well.

Okay am I the only one who that the snatch getting snatch was about how a man stole the coochie cherry pie. I rather here that story than you losing curly q hairs from between your vaginal lips, and chocolate star.


Too far. too much??

Silly me of course not.

Um dress one, why not do both poses...Not feeling Cynthia's hair in two, but just tell the hairdresser to make you look like a night of extreme love making...so first pic is closer, but not enough.....

What's up with your skin...what you got?

Adrienne said...

Ohh I just fell in love with that white dress!!!! **Faints**

K. Rock said...

So did you lose the money you already paid for the trip? If so, you are handling that very well.

I have always wanted to do a photoshoot too but I am afraid I dont give much "face". I would hate for my pics to be wack. Cant wait to see yours though. They wont be wack.

discodiva73 said...

I plan to do a shoot this year...its on my list.

Go by yourself! You may like it better!

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

those are some powerful and fierce poses!! love your blog!

Mo said...

If you were a sewer, Beaute J'adore just did a dress like that the other day on her blog. Here's the link: http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=1159279425&group=0&frame_type=a&blog=4104071&link=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRwcm94eS5nb29nbGUuY29tL35yL2JlYXV0ZWphZG9yZS9xQVpKL34zL1owcFRVdW8xcGowL2RpeS1taWRpLWhpZ2gtc2xpdC1za2lydC5odG1s&frame=1&click=0&user=0